Shining Star Award Recipients

2023 Recipient: Kristi Chapman, OTR, CHT

Kristi Chapman, OTR, CHT is the lead and senior hand therapist for Craig Cryer Therapy Services at OakBend Hospital.  In 1998, she received her occupational therapy degree from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas and has served the Fort Bend/Sugarland area for the past 23 years.  Her passion for hand therapy started early in her career and soon led to her becoming a Certified Hand Therapist in May 2014.  Throughout the process to become a CHT and since achieving this esteemed accomplishment, she prides herself on mentoring others that want to learn more about the specialization of hand and upper extremity therapy.  She has experience in a wide variety of upper extremity injuries.  She has served in the hand therapy community, holding positions on the Board of Directors for the Texas Society for Hand Therapy.  She is a member of the American Society of Hand Therapists and continues to remain current with the latest techniques and evidence based practice in hand therapy.  Her goals with her patients are to educate, restore, maintain, and adapt movements to promote optimal mobility and pain reduction with a holistic approach.  Kristi enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends and family, interacting with patients, exercising, playing with her pets, and participating in outdoor activities with her husband in the warm Houston weather.


Past Shining Star Recipients

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